Welcome to STI Pharmaceuticals

STI Pharmaceuticals are a UK company based in Essex. We are engaged in cannabinoid research, developing novel pharmaceutical preparations for a range of poorly treated diseases.

Our objectives are two-fold:

1. To develop a portfolio of licensed products
2. To be a leading supplier of specially prepared dosage forms containing narcotics and/or cannabinoid combinations for clinical research.

There are over 70 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant, several of which are of great scientific interest and are known to have therapeutic benefits.  STI Pharmaceuticals seek to develop a range of cannabinoid preparations into licensed pharmaceutical products.

One of the main problems experienced by people who smoke cannabis for symptom relief is the variability of supply, quality and unknown substances which illegal cannabis often contains. Cannabis smoke is known to contain over 4500 compounds most of which are products of combustion and are carcinogenic (cancer causing). Medicinal cannabis users, unlike recreational users, do not seek a ‘high’ but merely symptom relief.

We believe that there are safer and lower risk options for medicinal symptom relief. STI Pharmaceuticals are developing drug delivery systems capable of administering pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids for single or combination therapy. Our goal is to provide safe and effective symptom relief in poorly treated diseases, specifically Central Nervous System (CNS) related disorders.

Our compounds are derived both naturally and synthetically. Synthetic cannabinoids are manufactured chemically and replicate naturally occurring cannabinoids.  These cannabinoids are developed in collaboration with our partners, THC Pharm in Frankfurt.  STI Pharmaceuticals are licensed by HM Home Office to supply various narcotic dosage forms for investigational research .
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